Thursday, 19 December 2013



Today was one of them days, the ones where you feel the world of everything on your shoulders. I didn’t feel very well but had a nice walk with my friend her baby and Baby J after the school run so that we had gotten some fresh air.

Once we had said goodbye to my friend and me and J hd returned home, I made us both some porridge and decided that today I was going to take some time out for me and him. My phone was dead due to me not being able to find it the night before and I shut down my laptop.

I was thinking of something nice and relaxing to do, we could watch a christmas film but that was too sameo, and then I remembered that Ravensburger had sent us a jigsaw to review, but not only a jigsaw but a THE SNOWMAN jigsaw :) surely everyone remembers watching this on a film day at school on the run up to christmas :) Well this time the snowman was with his dog.

I unwrapped the film from around the box, dug out of big jigsaw tray and explained to Baby J what we were about to do, granted he is only 2 and the box is from 6 years = but my intention wasn’t to get him to do the puzzle but to do something together.

I sorted the jigsaw pieces into two piles, the straight edges and corners and the non straight edge pieces. I showed baby J what a straight edge was by rubbing his finger on one of the straight edges, whether he actually understood I am unsure but he seemed happy with what I was doing.

Once we had our two piles I gradually began to build the edge whilst he attentively sat next to me watching and once that had finished he then began to pass me each piece so that I could try and fit them. It was so lovely to just have that technology free bit of calm time and it was also nice to have Baby J involved in it. I think Ky will love this jigsaw and I will putting it into his Christmas Eve box for an activity before Christmas day. Here is our completed jigsaw :)

snowman jigsaw1

 If you would like to own this you can purchase from here: The Snowman and his dog puzzle. It is currently pricing at £5.99+£2.50 UK delivery.

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