Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Disney Planes puzzle from Ravensburger

Our puzzle this month features Disney's latest film-Planes. 'Planes' is set above
the world of 'Cars'. Dusty is  a crop sprayer with high aspirations and wants to 
take part in an international race with his flying heroes. 'Planes' follows Dusty's 
adventure of a lifetime.

My boys loved 'Cars' and I'm sure they will love watching this when it's released 
at cinemas next month. We spotted some merchandise in the Disney Store a 
couple of weeks ago so they were very excited to receive the puzzle.

The puzzle features 5 of the characters; Dusty, Chupacabra, Ripslinger, Bravo 
and Skipper.

Charlie started making this by himself and had completed most of it within 
10-15 minutes and I joined him to finish the last few pieces.

The 100 xxl pieces are a great size for little ones and it wasn't too challenging 
for a 6 year old. He enjoyed making it, especially as he didn't require help from 
us and I have no doubt that he'll complete this puzzle over and over again.

Review by Heidi at Him me & three

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  1. My little nephew would go crazy to have something like this. Hes has always loved disney puzzles. I'd love to get him a few for his birthday, I just want to get a good deal on them.