Thursday, 28 March 2013


Yesterday when K came home from school and baby J was having his nap I decided it was time to have mummy and big boy time. I had seen him eyeing up this jigsaw a few times since we received it so figured that he would enjoy us putting it together! And he so did!
First we seperated the pieces into straight and into wobbly in our puzzle store :)
Then we pieced all of the outside together.. and 2 hours later with  a patient mummy and a extremely excited 5 year old..
We finished :)
The puzzle is aimed at 8 years+ and Ky is 5, but he is so good with jigsaws and he loved every minute of it. The puzzle consists of 200 nicely sized pieces. He really enjoyed doing it, and I really enjoyed spending that special time with my son.
This review was written as part of the Ravensburger Puzzle club, in which we were sent the puzzle for the purpose of this review. It is massively cool though right!? ;)
Review by Hannah at A New Addition to ...

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