Thursday, 13 December 2012

Ravensburger Puzzle Club Review - The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey 1000 piece Panorama

I remember reading the Hobbit at school and absolutely loving it.  With that came a love for The Lord of the Rings movie franchise.  Imagine my excitement when I heard that The Hobbit was being made into a movie being released today (13th December 2012)  Along with any new movie their is always memorabilia, from ti-shirts to toys to puzzles and Ravensburger haven’t let me down.  We got sent the Panoramic 1000 piece Hobbit puzzle to have a go at and boy has it been a challenge.

When it arrived I was really excited and got to work sorting the pieces straight away.  We can’t do puzzles with the boys around as they like to help and no matter how smart I think they are I can just about cope with a 1000 piece puzzle and I’m 26!  I waited until they had gone to bed that night and set to work.  The edges were fairly straight forward and it was done in no time at all.  I figured it should be a fairly simple puzzle as the picture was clear and the pieces were a nice size.  The only initial issue I had is that because it’s panoramic it doesn’t fit in the Puzzle Store!


When I started on the inside I started to hit a wall.  Some of the faces are quite large which means there are 20 or so pieces that all look EXACTLY the same.  I struggled to do it in artificial light as it’s much easier to see any slight differences during the day.


We haven’t finished it yet but it is coming along nicely but we do have a challenge on our hands, which definitely isn’t a bad thing as we get the most out of the puzzle before completing it.


As usual it is of top quality and Ravensburger never fail to produce a top notch puzzle.  The pieces are sturdy and fit together properly creating a really nice picture for any Hobbit fan to enjoy.

Review by Lauren at Spud and Spike

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