Thursday, 22 November 2012

Ravensburger Puzzle Club - 1000 Piece "The Christmas Shop" Review

As part of the Ravensburger Puzzle Club we get sent a puzzle every now and then to review and when the Christmas one landed on the doorstep I was extremely excited but then realised I only had just over a week to complete it.  What with an impending trip to Nana and Pops' house to plan for, a poorly Spike and a Hubby on night shifts I had to reach out to a fellow Military spouse who had been complaining to me only two days before that his evenings were boring and lonely once his boys went to bed because his wife is deployed.  The remainder of this post is a guest review written by Robbie.

Only over a week ago, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join a focus group to assist in a review of a buggy for her. Sadly though my Rugrats are out of the buggy stage, but I offered my services in other reviews if needed.  No sooner had I said that, to my delight, I was being asked if I had the time to do a Ravensburger Christmas Puzzle. "Oh Yes, I have plenty of time to do a Ravensburger Puzzle" was my response!

So the puzzle arrived and it was a The Christmas Shop Limited Edition 1000 piecer, and I couldn't wait to get it open and get the edging started.  The picture is lovely and coupled with all of the shops getting into the Christmas spirit, I started to feel very Christmassy!  My first task though was where to put it and how to keep it out-of-the-way of the Rugrats, who obviously would be more than happy to help Dad out with the putting together.

The Boys had an early night the first night, and I duely started on sorting the edges and corners out through the box.  The target for the first evening was to get the outside done.  After much sorting and a bit of re-jigging the outside was cracked on the Friday night, but as most avid puzzlers out there know, that wasn't enough.  I eventually managed to drag myself away and go to bed.

Ravensburger use a high quality cardboard for their pieces and you can really feel this when you are putting them together.  The pieces are sturdy and the attention to detail is amazing.  I found that even if two pieces look identical i.e both Christmas Tree green, they are completely different shapes so there is no way you can put them in the wrong place.

I had a lot of fun doing The Christmas Shop and whilst being a 1000 piece puzzle and only having limited time in the evenings to finish it, I managed to complete it within a week.  It has almost definitely rekindled the Puzzle bug within.  Next thing for me though is a Puzzle Store as although the Boys didn't really bother with it on the coffee table, I think it would be best out of sight out of mind - that will at least me stop being so protective over it!

Review by Lauren at Spud and Spike

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  1. I do love the look of this puzzle - may have to add it to my Christmas list, we do alot of jigsaws but none are really adult this one I think would suit everyone - and if not I could just be all protective over it for myself couldn't I ? :)