Wednesday, 10 October 2012

James Rizzy - Times Square

After last months fantastic Disney Pixar Montage puzzle we were really happy to receive yet another of 'our kind' of puzzle in the James Rizzy 1000 piece jigsaw.

We love puzzles that depict a montage or mixture of images in the one jigsaw and were not disappointed in this months selection.  The James Rizzy puzzle is a characterful picture showing drawn people collated together to celebrate Times Square.
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Using our Ravensburger Puzzle Store we started by finding all the edge pieces and making the outline of the puzzle first.  This was actually quite easy considering the amount happening in the picture.

Next came the job of adding to the edges to increase the puzzle picture piece by piece.  Here is a montage of our our puzzle went....
James Rizzy, 1000 piece puzzle, Ravensburger, jigsaw, puzzle, Ravensburger puzzle club, review

I love the hand drawn effect of the picture and how each person has a totally different character to the next and there are so many events and imagery in the puzzle as a whole which really draws in the eye in.  The hardest part of the puzzle for us was the multi-coloured buildings that run down the centre of the puzzle as the bright colours and similar coloured individual buildings meant you had to really concentrate.

When the puzzle was nearly finished and we were down to the last few pieces I have to say we were a little sad as the jigsaw was quite a challenge and had kept us busy for quite a few nights.  I love the way a puzzle brings the family together in order to make a singular creation.

For the first time in all the Ravensburger puzzles we have created one of the puzzle pieces came apart, not totally, but the image lifted from the cardboard backing.  This was easily remedied with a small dab of glue but I wanted to draw attention to this in order to provide my honest opinion in using the puzzle.  This had not happened before so I do not think it is necessarily a fault and could easily have been caused by over eager puzzle makers!

A fun but challenging 1000 piece puzzle that will have you coming back for more each time you put it away for the evening.  We are already looking forward to what Ravensburger have in store for us in the Puzzle Club next month....

Review by Louise at Bloggomy

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