Monday, 20 August 2012

Ravensburger Puzzle Club: BRAVE 100pce puzzle

The latest puzzle to be sent to us for the Ravensburger Puzzle Club was of the film Brave, a Disney Pixar film currently showing in cinemas.

The eldest two have been nagging me to take them to the cinema to see Brave since they first heard about it so having this puzzle arrive has stopped the nagging.....for now!

The puzzle has 100 good-sized high quality pieces and is aimed at 6 years+.

Girl and Middle loved doing this puzzle and were able to do the majority of it with minimal assistance. They just needed a little help when doing Princess Merida's cloak and dress as they're quite dark and similar but they enjoyed the challenge.

This was a big hit with both of them and they said they really liked the picture and the fact it had lots of characters in it and it will be one they make over and over again.

Review by Heidi at Him Me & Three

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