Friday, 31 August 2012

Ravensburger Puzzle Club - 1000 Piece Disney Pixar Montage Review

When I went to Christmas in July I was asked if I would like to join the Ravensburger Puzzle Club.  I had been a little envious of my friends that had been in the club for a few months so jumped at the chance.  At first I thought it would be just me and the Boys but when I mentioned it to the Hubby he was strangely excited.  We decided to make Tuesday night, Puzzle night and spend some quality time together away from the computers and the television.

The first puzzle that we received is the 1000 piece Disney Pixar Montage, showing 9 Disney Pixar films from their first which was Toy Story to one of their most recent which is Wall-E in 2008.  It must have been designed before Toy Story 3 or it was left off because there wasn’t enough space!

Our first challenge was the hide it from Spud.  Unfortunately he saw it and wanted it!  I managed to fob him off with a DVD of Toy Story 2 and tried to find a better hiding place.  Tuesday came around and I couldn’t wait to get started.

I did the usual and sorted out the edges and corners and we set to work putting them together to make the outline.  We then went through the other pieces and split them into the 9 different sections to try and make things a bit easier.  Whilst sorting I did get covered in quite a lot of blue flakes from the cardboard which were just excess as none of the pieces were damaged.

Ravensburger use a high quality cardboard for their pieces and you can really feel this when you are putting them together.  The pieces were sturdy and the attention to detail is amazing.  We found that even if two pieces look identical, i.e. both just plain red, they are completely different shapes so there is no room for you to even think it goes in the wrong place.

Ravensburger pieces have soft click technology which offers a 100% guarantee interlocking mechanism for a flawless fit between the pieces.  It also means that it has an extremely smooth finish when completed.

The Hubby and I had a lot of fun doing the Disney Pixar Montage and despite being 1000 pieces it only took us a few hours spaced over three evenings to do it. We caught the bug because that week every night was puzzle night rather than having will power and saving it until Tuesday!  We just have to invest in a Puzzle Store now because it’s currently at risk of being bashed up by living underneath our sofa!

Review by Lauren at Spud and Spike

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