Thursday, 23 August 2012

Disney Pixar Montage

I loved the puzzle before I even started it as I am a huge fan of Pixar films and have copies of all of them.   After I had finished the puzzle, I watched Wall-E again!

A good puzzle to do as it was broken down into blocks for each film and there was a colour co-ordination with aspects of the picture, eg. the film strip for Ratatouille was blue to match the tablecloth.    Quite straightforward with good sorting possibilities.   I started off, as always, with the straight edges but also sorted for the film strips making up the blocks at the same time.

Well cut pieces that fit neatly together, and bright colouring, making it easy to sort into the sections for each film.   Especially Toy Story which was very obvious with Buzz and Woody’s costumes being so easily recognisable.   Very good reproduction of the characters and also useful having the name of the film and the year it came out, as this was another pointer for sorting.

A nice puzzle, and just about the right size at 1000 pieces.  I will be passing it on to a friend when she has finished the London buses one!

Frances Strange

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