Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Disney Brave

As part of the Ravensburger Puzzle Club we were sent a 100 piece puzzle to complete in the theme of ‘Brave’, the new Disney film featuring Princess Merida. My 7 year old hasn’t yet seen the film, but has seen plenty of trailers so was excited to see this puzzle!
We started the puzzle in our usual plan, building the edge. This was easier than normal as it has a lovely celtic theme running around the side. Now normally we use the Puzzle Store for our puzzle building, but we moved house just a few weeks ago and it is still in storage  at the moment. So we used the good old fashioned carpet.
Princess Merida’s hair was easy to spot with the flowing auburn locks.
Then came the exciting job of filling in the jigsaw. At first glance it seemed really hard for Brooke who is 7, as some of the pieces are for the dress and look very similar in colour. But a closer look and finding different patterns it soon started to take shape..
Now I will admit, a flat floor is easier for puzzle building, but Ravensburger Puzzles have thick peices which are reinforced so they don’t bend and break easily. We found it perfectly simple to build on carpet.
Nearly oh so nearly there!
Ta-da! All complete! It took Brooke about half an hour to complete all alone and she loves the picture on the puzzle. This would make a great gift for a child who loves the film Brave.

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