Thursday, 16 August 2012

13 years of Disney Pixar in one puzzle

We have been jigsaw puzzling again and with the mixed weather Britain has been having recently it has kept us all entertained.

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The Ravensburger Disney Pixar montage is made up of 1000 puzzle pieces that features all your favourites from the first Toy Story movie in 1995 to Wall-E in 2008 and covers a total of 9 movies.  Each of the nine movies in the montage shows the main characters and the date of release.  The  puzzle is bright and colourful and each of the pieces features the Ravensburger Soft Click technology that ensures a good fit together of each piece.

We started as always with the edges which were easy to locate and piece together.  As there were 2 Toy Story movies featured this soon made finding the next stage of the jigsaw slightly more difficult as you had to work out which of the 2 movies depicted the pieces fitted.  We decided to piece together the film names next and put them into place.

With film names in place the next stage was to sort the remaining puzzle piece into groups by judging which movie they came from.  The orange of Finding Nemo and green of A Bugs Life were fairly straight forward but the more subdued colours of Wall-E were not quite as easy.

Ravensburger, Disney, pixar, puzzle, montage, 1000 piece, review, jigsaw

The last part to be finished were the film strips running along the top and bottom of each of the 9 montages but we worked out which belonged to which using the picture from the front of the puzzle box.

We all thoroughly enjoyed this puzzle.  The picture was entertaining to make and as we all love Disney movies in our household we loved the design.  Once the puzzle had been made the children mixed it all up and started it again - prove that they liked it!

The Ravensburger Disney Pixar montage puzzle measures approximately 70cm x 50cm and is recommended on the Ravensburger website as age 10 years +.  A great jigsaw for Disney fans.

Review by Louise at Bloggomy

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