Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Ravensburger not only produce jigsaw puzzles but also has a range of games and craft items for all ages. Below is a review of the Aquarelle Midi set.

Since way before Morgan could talk she could paint and is never happier than when she has a paintbrush in her hand.  She has used several different types of paints over the years but this is the first time she has ever used water colours and we were really impressed with the results.

The Aquarelle by Ravensburger is aimed at children aged 8-13 years and is a great introduction to water colours.  It comes with 3 different canvases which are pre-printed with a waxy picture.  The wax allows you to stay within the lines and stops the colours running into one another but once the picture is finished the outlines enhance the picture perfectly. 

You get 5 watercolour inks in the box which initially I thought would not be enough but due to the small amount of each you have to use there is still plenty left after completing the 3 pictures.  The ink tray which is included allows you to mix 20 different colours each time and you don’t have to guess how to mix each colour as there is a booklet included which tells you exactly how many drops of ink and water to use and even a little pipette so you don’t overdo it on the water!  The double ended paintbrush allows you to use really fine brush strokes and add great detail to the pictures.

Morgan (who’s 9) loves to paint on canvas and has a style all of her own, so I wasn’t sure how she would get on with the pre-printed pictures but she absolutely loved them.  She was amazed at the number of different colours she could make with just 5 coloured inks and really enjoyed experimenting with the different colours.  The smallest amount of paint goes a very long way on these canvases ensuring there is more than enough paint to complete the 3 pictures with lots left over.

I would definitely recommend the Aquarelle, I think these sets are a fantastic introduction to water colours and are amazing value for money.  Morgan was really impressed with the finished pictures, they looked very professional and the colours were vibrant and eye-catching.  

Review by Michele 

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