Friday, 29 June 2012

Happy Days London

Quite understandably we have been following a London theme with the Ravensburger Puzzle Club, and why not? With the Olympics so close now, London is the foremost venue this Summer.

If you like a puzzle that will challenge you then the Happy Days London jigsaw is my suggestion.  It is a 1000 piece puzzle that depicts a scene of a London street from, I would say the 60's or70's judging from the peoples outfits, filled with red London buses, black cabs and bridges of the capital city.

With the main feature of the puzzle being two buses I thought this puzzle would be finished in no time but I was very wrong.  Starting as always with the edges the outside of the puzzle was finished quite quickly but the next part we undertook - the road - seemed to take ages as the puzzle picture itself had a 'hessian fabric' effect as part of it and this made it a lot harder to put together adjacent puzzle pieces.

The Ravensburger Puzzle Store with its tray inserts came in very useful for sorting similarly coloured puzzle pieces and as this puzzle took us some considerable time to complete it also meant we could store our puzzle in progress for the next time.

Apart from the effect (mentioned above) to the puzzle picture I really liked the inclusion of Big Ben and the greenery that is so often missed in art depicting the Capital.  This Ravensburger Happy Days London puzzle has kept our family busy for days on end and is one of those puzzles that you do a little then as you are walking past draws you back in to have another try at it. 

Not a jigsaw that you can do in an hour but one that will have you determined to complete it.  

I did find that the pieces seemed to bend a lot more easily than previous Ravensburger puzzles which was a little disappointing so we had to take care with making sure each piece was slotted in properly.  In the end finding the last few pieces became of a case of finding the shape of piece that fitted rather than looking for the  picture - certainly worked for us!

Entertaining and time consuming puzzle that will keep you coming back for more.

Review by Louise at Bloggomy

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