Thursday, 7 June 2012

Animals of the world from Ravensburger

We recently received the Animals of the Word Giant floor puzzle from Ravensburger to review as part of the Ravensburger Puzzle club. This puzzle is fantastic, not only is it a fun puzzle to do its also very educational. It teaches children about animals and places around the world where they are most likely to be found. This map shows the world beautifully drawn not only is it fab to see the countries but its lovely to see the animals of the land and sea in their native habitat. Little Bird loves puzzles and couldn’t wait to start it.

This giant floor puzzle is designed for children aged 4 years old + although I think younger children could do it. It has 60 pieces that are made of strong, sturdy card the pieces fit together really well and do not lift up and pop out like some puzzles we have done in the past. Little Bird really enjoyed doing this puzzle, it kept him amused for around 45minutes. He enjoyed finding the animals and I enjoyed telling him a little bit about the countries that he was finding on the map. I also found that the labelling of the oceans was very clever. Geography is not my strong point so I learnt a lot about the names of the seas over the world.

Ravensburger puzzle

I love the fact that this puzzle is made from recycled board. We are very keen to recycle everything at home so I think its great that Ravensburger have manufactured their puzzles with recycled board. When this puzzle is complete it measures 70cm x 50cm, it is a floor puzzle but its not massive its a great size for little fingers.
Ravensburger definitely make the best puzzles, you can not beat the quality. You can buy this puzzle for around £8.99 but prices may vary depending on where you shop.

Review by Donna at Mummy Bird 

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