Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Thomas and Friends 4 Large Shaped Puzzle from Ravensburger

As the weather has been very gloomy this week it was the perfect excuse to light the fire and stay indoors and do some puzzles. Little Bird loves doing Jigsaw Puzzles, he takes after his mum. So when the Thomas and Friends puzzle arrived from Ravensburger he couldn’t wait to do it.

Thomas and Friends by Ravensburger has 4 Large Shaped Puzzles for children. Its brilliantly made and again you cannot fault the quality of the Ravensburger puzzle pieces. They make them that little bit thicker making them sturdy and easy to put into place. Little Bird loves doing this puzzle, he was really excited to see that one of the engines has the same name as him and he had to do that one first.

This Puzzle set is designed for children ages 3 years old +. There are four puzzles in the box, they are built so the puzzles can continue to be used as your child grows in ability and confidence. The four puzzles are cut into 10, 12, 14 and 16 pieces and are colour co-ordinated making it easy for them to sort the pieces. The puzzle pieces are made of strong, sturdy card and the pieces fit together really well and do not lift up and pop out like some puzzles we have done in the past.

Ravensburger definitely make the best puzzle, you cannot beat the quality. You can buy this puzzle for around £8.99 but prices may vary depending on where you shop.

Review by Donna at Mummy Bird

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