Tuesday, 29 May 2012


A 1000 piece puzzle, more the size I like.   Well coloured pieces, so easily sorted, especially with 2 big red buses!   Did like the little mini darting in and out of the traffic, just like they used to.   Obviously meant to be sixties or similar, although I didn’t wear my skirts quite that short until 1970.

I didn’t think the pieces fitted together quite so firmly as the last one but they were ok.   Its just that I like doing a section and then lifting it into place – not easy when they all fall apart!  

The only difficult bit was the dark tree on the right hand side where a lot of the pieces were quite similar colouring – more a question of finding the right shape to fit the space, rather than looking for patterns.

All in all, a nice puzzle to do and I shall pass it on to my friend again.

Frances Strange

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