Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I Love London

Sophie squealed with delight when she saw this month's puzzle from the Ravensburger Puzzle Club. Having French and English dual-nationality, she has a passion for both Paris and London and - I'm ashamed to say - she has yet to visit either of them. I've promised her that we will make a concerted effort to visit either or both over the summer, but in the meantime, she is getting really excited about the Jubilee and the Olympics.

Whether you're a patriotic Brit  organising your Union Jack-bedecked street party or a tourist looking for a fun souvenir of all things British, the 100 XL piece "I Love London" puzzle is perfect. The chunky pieces fit together cleanly and the finished picture is bright and colourful. It's a simple puzzle for youngish children to put together because there are so many easily identifiable, separate elements to work on.

Sophie loved seeing how many of the iconic London landmarks she could recognise - the London Underground, Big Ben, the black cab, red phone box and Tower Bridge didn't cause a second's hesitation but she did need a bit of help to name The Gherkin, St Paul's Cathedral and Buckingham Palace, all of which she'd heard of but didn't recognise. We made it into a bit of a learning experience and went online to have a look at all of the monuments and do some virtual travelling around London looking at pictures and videos on internet. After we'd done all this, Sophie discovered that there is actually an informative fact sheet included with the puzzle !

Sophie debated keeping this puzzle whole and putting it on the wall in a frame because she loves it so much, then decided she wanted to keep it as a puzzle so she could make it again. She has got the box standing up on her shelf so it acts as a decorative object though !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £7.99

Review by Cheryl at Madhouse Family Reviews

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