Thursday, 10 May 2012

I Love London skyline puzzle

London is going to be an exciting place this year with the Queens Jubilee and the 2012 Olympic Games.

Ravensburger I Love London skyline puzzle is a timely launched 300 piece puzzle that maps out so many of the capitals famous landmarks, The London Eye, The National Gallery and Big Ben to name a few.

  I have to admit I thought a 300 piece puzzle would be easy and quick to complete especially as the puzzle piece size is bigger than the others I have seen in the Ravensburger range. I was wrong!  The puzzle itself measures 49.3 x 36.3 cm (approx) but the detailing on the picture makes it a challenge in itself.

Starting as we always do with finding and piecing together the edges of the puzzle was fairly quick especially as the bottom of the picture is a blue strip with an 'ode' to London:  'The City of architectural contrasts, the squares, the parks & the tree lined streets, the bridges & the embankments.  The history & rich cultural heritage, life & vitality, creativity & contrasts: People make London - celebrate & enjoy!'

 Once the edges formed the puzzles outline the best way we found to build up the puzzle was from the bottom up as it has such an array of buildings forming the skyline it seemed a logical (and easier) choice.  We were helped along with a handy leaflet showing the completed picture.

As the pieces were larger than I have seen before it was quite quick to see the picture take shape.  I loved the detailing, the tiny people walking along the paths, the buses on the bridge and the clouds in the sky above the many buildings:

 As with all of the Ravensburger range the I Love London puzzle uses 'Softclick' technology' which ensures the pieces fit and stay together very well.  I have reviewed many Ravensburger puzzles as part of the Puzzle Club and I have never seen a frayed edge on any piece as you may do on cheaper puzzles.  The pieces are a nice thickness and do not bend easily.

Within a day we had completed our I Love London puzzle and were happy to stand back and admire our creation.

Review by Louise at Bloggomy

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