Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Alternative Easter Gift? Rabbit Parade!

The latest puzzle we've received from the Ravensburger Puzzle Club is in keeping with Spring and all it brings.

The picture is of seven cute and cuddly rabbits on a field of daisies and dandelions.

The puzzle is suitable for ages 8+ and is of good-sized pieces. Using the Puzzle Store to sort the puzzle pieces 4 of us put the puzzle together one evening but it was a case of 'too many cooks....' as we were getting in each others' way! It was challenging enough to do, with similar-looking pieces because of the blades of grass, but not too challenging that an eight year old couldn't do it on their own.

We think this would make a great gift if you were looking for an alternative to easter eggs.

Review by Heidi at Him me & Three

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