Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ruby from Ravensburger

We were thrilled to receive the latest Ravensburger puzzle to review, especially as it was from the Santoro's Gorjuss brand which we love.

Ruby is a 500 piece puzzle that features a lovely picture of Ruby on a rope swing with a cat on her knee and like a lot of Gojuss items it is in tones of chocolately browns, creams and reds.  The pieces, as always with Ravensburger, are very well cut with no frayed edges - the cut of the puzzle pieces is always very good quality.  It is a Ravensburger premium puzzle that uses Softclick Technology and it shows.

We started with the edges and soon found that although 500 pieces seems a small puzzle the brown tones made it more of a challenge which we enjoy. Edges in place and it was time to start building the rest of the puzzle.

The puzzle starts to take shape
Onto the main body of the puzzle and the brown tones were keeping us busy but finding the ropes of the swing and the cream hem of Rubys dress certainly helped.  In total the puzzle took myself and pre-teen about 2 evenings and we were really happy with the finished piece.  I loved the colours and the design.

Ruby from Ravensbuger measures approx 49 cm x 36 cm and is aimed at those aged 12 -99!

We would certainly recommend this puzzle for those that like a challenge but prefer the 500 piece size. For more 500 piece puzzles in the range visit

Review by Louise at Bloggomy 

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