Monday, 12 March 2012

Easter Bunnies and Jigsaw Puzzles

With the Easter Holidays creeping that bit closer, I'm always unsure of what to do to celebrate Easter, I love the holidays two weeks off, the weather starting to be nicer and it really freshens everyone up taking that break.

But 2 weeks can seem quite a long time, so instead of buying Easter Eggs I try to think up little gifts which I can buy the children instead and give them something to do during the holiday.

So when Ravensburger sent us this lovely Rabbits Parade Jigsaw Puzzle to have a look at as part of the Ravensburger Puzzle Club it is just the perfect Easter gift idea.

Priced around £8 this is a lovely 200 pieces jigsaw, the panoramic size is really nice, the completed puzzle is 57.5cm by 24.5cm.

The age rating states 8 and above, where the pieces are a good size, not too fiddly, the detail of the picture with the colours being very similar make this sightly more of a challenge than other puzzles we have.

which was good as it really occupied the older two for a good while, and they were very pleased with themselves when they completed it.

Review by Sarah at Sarah Mum of 3

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