Monday, 5 March 2012

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Ravensburger Puzzle

We love being part of the Ravensburger Puzzle Club, we are a family that enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles. The last two puzzles that we have reviewed for the Puzzle club have come at a perfect time. That time being when Little Bird is off of nursery poorly. This week Little Bird was full of cold and run down so I kept him off for a day. After we had dropped Big Bird off at school we returned home to find a Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Puzzle on the doorstep. Little Bird was over the moon to have a new puzzle. He really has a passion for them and he gets so excited when he has the chance to do a new one.

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Puzzle 4 in a box is another great jigsaw from Ravensburger. There are four puzzles in one box, they are built so the puzzles can continue to be used as your child grows in ability and confidence. The four puzzles are cut into 12, 16, 20 and 24 pieces. Little Bird could do them easily but unlike the Octonauts 4 in a box puzzles these ones were not colour coordinated. It does make it harder for little ones to do but Little Bird enjoyed the challenge, and managed to make them all easily.

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Puzzle is designed for children aged 3 years old+. These puzzles are made of strong, sturdy card and the pieces fit together really well and do not lift up and pop out like some puzzles we have done in the past. Ravensburger definitely make the best puzzle, you can not beat the quality. You can buy this puzzle for around £5 but prices may vary depending on where you shop.

Review by Donna at Mummy Bird

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