Friday, 10 February 2012

Loopy Laboratory

January brought the snow...and a new puzzle for us to try out from the Ravensburger Puzzle Club. This month challenge was the 200XXL piece puzzle called Loopy Laboratory. As you can see from the picture, it's quite and intricate design which I thought might make it quite difficult for the girls but, as long as you use the box as a guide, it's actually quite simple because the multitude of colours and details make it easy to spot the different parts on the box.

This was actually a really good puzzle for them to do together because ther are definits, separate sections for them to work on side by side with no squabbling. This is where the Puzzle Store really came into its own again because they could sort the pieces into the different sections so that they both had their own stash of pieces to place.

It's a very busy puzzle with a lot going on, so it's one of those designs that you can do many times and still keep spotting new details each time. Its based on an image from Colin Thompson's book The Last Alchemist and the girls loved the huge amount of detail, pointing out strange creatures and funny objects as they put it together. It was a great way of testing their observation skills too because they had to look really hard at the picture on the box to spot where each piece needed to go.

Quality-wise, its once again absolutely perfect, with no rough edges or badly cut pieces. It stays together really well, even when you need to slide the different sections to the right place. Designed for 8+, it was ideal for 6-year-old Juliette to do with big sister Sophie, aged 10 but she would have found it a bit too difficult by herself

Review by Cheryl from MadHouse Family Reviews

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