Thursday, 16 February 2012


A very challenging but interesting puzzle with nicely fitting pieces.   It required a lot of patience and a different way of working.   I normally start with the edge pieces so this is what I sorted out first but found, when I tried to find matches, that it was easier to look for certain types of pieces first.

So I looked for the “cherry on top” ones and then the “bobbles”, “chocolate” etc.   Then built up sections round these cakes.   It took a lot of using the picture to work out which particular section I was working on and where it fitted in the overall scheme of things.   However, it was worth persevering, with a great sense of achievement when it was finished.

An enjoyable puzzle to do if you like something that will stretch your mental capacities and ability to find the relevant area of the puzzle that you are working on.

The colouring was very good and faithful to the original, with the gingham cloth peeking through the puzzle to add challenge to the project.

Review by Frances

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