Monday, 30 January 2012

Love cakes? Try the Ravensburger 'Calorific Cupcakes' puzzle

We do love a good jigsaw in our house and it is a project the whole family get involved in.

Our newest challenge is the 
Ravensburger puzzle called Calorific Cupcakes and just the title of it made us want to get started with it. 

Calorific Cupcakes is 500 pieces of mouthwatering cupcakes from those with sprinkles to jelly tots on top, the selection on the image is quite impressive.  We thought being 500 pieces we would have it done in no time. We started by separating the pieces into edges and by colour and found the Ravensburger Puzzle Store was a real help as we could put the different puzzle pieces into separate compartments and make (and store) the puzzle inside. 

Once we had found all the edge pieces we started the outline of the puzzle and soon found out that the puzzle was not as easy as we had first thought as several of the tasty looking cakes were similar in design!  Some of the sprinkles were star shaped some sprinkles in 2 colours, some in three and it was handy to have the box (and a handy leaflet) of the completed puzzle to work from.  Once the outline of the puzzle was complete is was time for the rest of the puzzle to take shape.... 

The similar but subtly different cake designs made the puzzle taxing but not frustrating as the challenge for us was to find and complete a cake at a time to build up the picture.  The pieces themselves were well made with no rough edges and fitted together easily and firmly.  It took us 2 nights of working together to get the puzzle done and we found that the closer to the end and less pieces you had left the harder it got which was a surprise.

Completing the puzzle kept us entertained and we didn't get bored as the picture was fun, colourful and full of detail. My daughter enjoyed the puzzle so much she took it all apart and started it over again!

Review by Louise at Bloggomy

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