Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Some of you may know by now that I am now part of the Ravensburger Puzzle Club. This means I am part of a team of 12 puzzlers that will be sent the latest puzzles from Ravensburger to review and discuss each month on the Ravensburger Puzzle Club blog.

This month we received the Bob the Builder Giant Floor Puzzle, it is designed for children aged 3 years old + and comes in 24 large pieces. Little Bird loves doing jigsaws and this one was perfect for him.

Handmade cutting tools are used to ensure that no two pieces of the puzzle are the same. Unlike some large floor puzzles we have done in the past this one really does fit together very well. Each piece is very strong and will not break. This puzzle is made from special recycled board its grained paper to ensure a glare free picture.

Little Bird loves Bob the Builder and has enjoyed doing this puzzle over and over again, he loves that the pieces fit together so easily and that he can do it all on his own with his tiny hands. Perfect for little ones to build their confidence and self esteem because they can build this Puzzle alone. This would make a perfect Christmas or Birthday present.

Review by Mummy Bird at http://tinyurl.com/3mgnwey

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