Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Cars 2 Giant Floor Puzzle

Puzzling Good Fun!

As I mentioned in a previous post we are now members of the 
Ravensburger Puzzle club,and as which we were sent a 
Disney Pixar Cars giant floor puzzle and Puzzle store board to

The Puzzle store is an ingenious jigsaw puzzle board, which 
can leave a puzzle mid way through, fold up the puzzle store 
and pack it  away neatly and safely until you want 
to return to the puzzle. I have been a huge Jigsaw Puzzle fan, 
and I remember many years 
go my Gran buying me a puzzle store, and I loved it. 
The puzzle store I had however didn't have the additional benefits 
to store your sorted pieces like the Ravensburger Puzzle Store has.

We really love the puzzle store, my eldest is really getting into 
jigsaws and we often sit down and complete more detailed
jigsaws together, and I very nearly purchased a puzzle store 
a month ago after having to dismantle a half finished
jigsaw in order to free up the coffee table again, so the 
Ravensburger puzzle store couldn't have arrived at a better time! 
It is so very useful for anyone who is a puzzle lover and it 
really does give you the opportunity to sit and do a section 
of your jigsaw, then pack it away neatly until you want to return 
to it, without having to leave your puzzle out where it is likely 
to get knocked and pieces get lost, which has happened many
times here.

The puzzle store is large, at 56cm x 76cm when closed, and 
consists of a puzzle board to complete your jigsaw upon.  
One half of the puzzle store is a sorting tray, which is segmented 
into 5 sections so you can easily sort out your pieces, and 
when you fold the puzzle store up the pieces remain in the 
correct sorted trays.

See our video review at the bottom of this post.

We also received the Disney Pixar Cars Giant floor Puzzle, 
which is 69cm x 49cm so fits neatly into the puzzle store, 
Obviously larger children's Puzzles don't really need a puzzle store, 
because you tend to complete the whole jigsaw in one go, but my 
youngest really loved the puzzle board and sorting trays and it really 
does help him to complete the puzzle alone.It also had the added
 benefit of keeping the pieces together, and the puzzle board
 means he can complete the puzzle even on the rugs and carpet, 
as the board provided a stable surface which makes fitting the 
pieces together even easier.

The Cars Floor Puzzle is a lovely bright colourful jigsaw which 
features all the favourite characters from the Disney Pixar movie, 
there are 60 pieces, which are all a perfect hand size for smaller 
children and are the great quality you expect from Ravensburger. 

The age rating on this Puzzle is 4+  my two eldest who are 8
and 9 sat with my youngest who is 4 on the first couple of 
occasions of completing the puzzle and all enjoyed 
making it. Now my youngest can complete it alone, which 
gives him a great sense of pride and achievement.

We really loved the Cars Puzzle and would recommend it to 
anyone, it is a great introduction puzzle for the 4+ age range 
with its bright familiar characters and easy to fit together 
hand sized pieces, it is great for introducing the love of jigsaw 

You can purchase the amazing Puzzle store from Argos 
Currently priced at £24.99 
(down from £34.99) here : Puzzle store at Argos.

and you can purchase the Cars Giant Floor Puzzle from 
most good toy stores it is currently priced £9.99 at Toys R Us : 

Review by This Is Me Sarah Mum Of 3 at http://tinyurl.com/4xaj5xp

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