Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Ravensburger Alvin and the Chipmunks XXL 100 piece puzzle

Ravensburger is always a great source for our puzzles, in fact, I do not think we own any puzzle that is not a Ravensburger puzzle and it is because I feel the quality is at its best.
Not only has Ravensburger over the years developed a wide range of designs and ideas ranging from children's puzzles with wooden pieces to puzzles with 500, 1000 or 1500+ pieces, but they have also developed 3D puzzles, round-edged puzzles such as the puzzle ball and also the pyramid puzzles.

This week we have been looking at a new puzzle and it is one of the children s favourite movie characters, Alvin and the Chipmunks.
This puzzle is as bright and cheerful as the characters themselves and it really does show incredible detail as if the characters themselves are jumping out of the puzzle and onto your desk.
This puzzle is specifically designed for children ages 6 and over and is an XXL 100 piece puzzle which means when built it is an approx 49 x 36 cm.
This puzzle was great fun to sit as a family and do together.
We are going to put it in a frame and put it on our wall near our musical corner.

Price - £8.99
Ages - 6+
Available from most leading retailers
Pieces - 100 XXL

I would like to add that Ravensburger also does a replacement scheme for missing pieces, so if your child or yourself lose a puzzle or game piece that belongs to this brand and their products it can be replaced, just click here and fill in the form.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Ravensburger PJ Masks jigsaw: 4 in a box large shaped puzzles (age 3+)

PJ Masks 4 large shaped puzzles (19)

We’re on a roll with jigsaws puzzles; they are now better than anything at keeping the smallest amused which given the awful weather we’ve been having has been a total godsend.
Latest to join our collection is this; the Ravensburger PJ Masks 4 in a box Large Shaped Puzzles.
PJ Masks 4 large shaped puzzles (15)
Ravensburger have released several new jigsaws to coincide with Series two which starts this week. We were sent the PJ Masks Four Shaped Puzzles (age 3+) for review.

The PJ Masks 4-in-a-box Large Shaped Puzzles come in a large box containing 52 large puzzle pieces.

There are four puzzles; Owlette, Catboy, Gecko and the villains Romeo, Night Ninja and Luna Girl (I can tell you’re impressed with my knowledge. I have spent many hours studying). Each jigsaw is made of between 10 and 16 pieces which are mixed up inside the box, and all are small enough to be completed on a child’s table.
The puzzles are aimed at children aged 3+ but depending on how much your child likes jigsaws I think they would be fine from two years; my son certainly found them fairly easy to do.

What we liked about the Ravensburger PJ Masks Jigsaw Puzzles.

Well, first off we love PJ Masks and this not only expanded our jigsaw puzzle collection but also our sub-collection of PJ Masks jigsaw puzzles.
Yes, we have a collection, and they are all very well used.
PJ Masks 4 large shaped puzzles - our puzzle collection
The four jigsaw puzzles are in different shapes however all of the pieces are mixed inside the box, which is good for encouraging colour matching and sorting.
As I have come to expect from Ravensburger’s children’s puzzles, the pieces are very large and easy to handle. They are made of sturdy cardboard which means they don’t bend easily and last longer than other makes of children’s jigsaw puzzle we have tried.
This jigsaw puzzle also came in a large box, big enough to take all the pieces without forcing them in. I am considering a second extension for these boxes now.
PJ Masks jigsaw: Ravensburger 4 large shaped puzzles (18)
My son the jigsaw fiend did this jigsaw in minutes and was very proud of himself; sorting and matching the pieces first and then putting them together. It’s a great activity for five or ten minutes of peace, easy to pack away and no mess.

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The Ravensburger PJ Masks 4-in-a-box Large Shaped Puzzles have an RRP of £9.99 and can be bought from good toy shops or via Amazon using the affiliate link above.
For more information, visit the Ravensburger website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018


We have been reviewing toys and games for a while now, and have worked with Ravensburger before who have sent us some brilliant puzzles, but this game is by far my very favourite. We were sent Funny Bunny to review a few weeks ago now, and we have played it approximately 1009847 times since. It is genuinely a brilliantly simple but fun game, that has managed to hold the attention span of my small child for longer than anything else ever has. I don’t think I can really describe what makes it so good, I’m not sure I really know myself, but for less than £10 on Amazon I would highly recommend finding out for yourself.

The game itself is quite simple. You each have four bunnies which move around the hill (board) and the first one to reach the carrot in the middle is the winner. Along the way, there are holes you might fall in, a gate and bridge that block your path, and a cheeky mole who may push your bunny straight off the Funny Bunny hill. As you take turns you select a card from the pack, which will either show how many steps you can take, or it will reveal a carrot. If you get a carrot card you twist the carrot in the middle of the board and this can trigger lots of things; the hole can move from where it is to another space on the hill, the pesky mole can pop out knocking a bunny off the hill if it’s in the right space, and the gate and bridge can either open or close.

The first time we played Funny Bunny it was just Dil and myself, and we did really enjoy it. We played maybe three times before moving on to something else and had a bit of a giggle every time one of us fell down the hole or got knocked off by the mole. The next time we got it out was the following day when my parents were over, and for some reason with more players, it was just hilarious.  I think as there were more bunnies on the hill, there was more chance of someone falling down a hole and so every time a carrot card came up the room became tense as we waited to see if any of our bunnies would make the dreaded fall. Lots of “oooohhh!!!” and “oh no!!” and the inevitable “haha!” as someone’s bunny plummeted through the gap, usually just as they were approaching the winning spot. There are plenty of carrot cards in the pack so it does get strangely exciting each time the carrot is turned.

As we played people started developing all these different Funny Bunny tactics and game plans, utilising all their bunny ‘players’ to avoid the danger spots and stay in the game. If your bunny is pushed off by the mole you can go back to the start, but if he falls down a hole he’s out and you’ll only have three left. There’s also a little gate that can push you half way down the hill, and the drawbridge will open and close as the carrot is turned meaning it often blocks your path off completely.

I wasn’t sure if we were just a bit strange for thinking that this game was brilliantly hilarious, but having checked Amazon reviews it does seem that others agree as the game has 4.8 out of 5 stars and some glowing reviews there too. The game is for 2-4 players and is recommended for ages 4 and over which I would say is about right. My dad is well into his 70s and certainly enjoyed the game just as much as Dil who is 4 and a half. If your child is slightly under 4 I think they would still really enjoy the game too, as the rules are fairly straightforward and the game is quite fast-paced and engaging.

My favourite things about this game are the fact that it doesn’t need batteries (winner in my book every time), and that it was fun and entertaining for the whole family. Often I find that games aimed at younger children can become a bit tedious for the adults, but all of us were quite happy to play Funny Bunny all night long. It would make a perfect Easter themed gift, although I know that we will be playing this one all year round.

I would really highly recommend this game to anyone with young children, and I would be very surprised if it wasn’t an immediate hit. Plus as I said before it is currently only £9.99 from Amazon, so a bargain for a rainy afternoon of fun. It’s a firm favourite here and I think it will continue to be for a very long time!

Monday, 12 March 2018

A bear called Paddington - REVIEW

When I was younger, one of my favourite bears was Paddington Bear.  It has been lovely to see him recreated in modern day films. I still love marmalade sandwiches, one of Paddington’s favorites. I do not keep my sandwiches in my hat or pockets though!
Coming out today is the new DVD from the last Paddington film.  Ravensburger has also produced a fantastic Paddington jigsaw.
I always loved to read and watch Paddington, his antics, and adventures.   This jigsaw shows some of his journeys and visits to London, following his arrival here from Peru.

About the Jigsaw

The Paddington Jigsaw will suit children from age 4+.  It contains large pieces suitable for little fingers to pop together.  Paddington contains 60 pieces and once put together measure 69 x 49 centimeters. (27 x 19 1/4 inches).
Like all Ravensburger jigsaw, it is made handmade with cutting tools that ensure no two pieces are identical.  The jigsaw pieces fit together perfectly and are made from grained paper that ensures a glare-free design.  The pieces made from recycled paper are strong and will not break.
A super gift for any child.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Make it Medley this Mother's Day

It’s been so unbelievable cold here lately that staying indoors on a cold winter’s evening has been the best option.  I’ve spent my evenings getting to grips with the Make it Medley puzzle from Ravensburger, which is number 11 in the series of perplexing puzzles.
Make it Medley puzzle from Ravensburger
I don't know about you, but I much prefer jigsaw puzzles with lots of detail to those with massive blue skies.  The Make it Medley puzzle from Ravensburger immediately caught my eye as it is packed full of colour, details, and objects, to keep a keen puzzler like myself interested.
Make it Medley puzzle from Ravensburger
I can’t imagine how long it took Devon based photographer Greg Shepherd to create this flat lay image, filled with a myriad of crafting bits and bobs, but the finished image is wonderful.
Make it Medley puzzle from Ravensburger
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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Review: Ravensburger 3D Puzzle, Big Ben

Big Ben
PackThePJs love Ravensburger puzzles. When an opportunity came along to try out their 3D Big Ben puzzle, we jumped at the chance. What we didn’t realise until we opened the box is that one of the faces is a real clock! This particular puzzle has 216 pieces and is for the recommended age range 10 – 99 

What’s in the Box

Inside the box you’ll find:
  • Instructions
  • The clock
  • Square support frames
  • Bag with all the plastic puzzle pieces, and
  • a decorated base plate to stand the finished
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Thursday, 15 February 2018

There's a lot of blue

Ravensburger Kittens and Cupcakes 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle

I worked on this with my husband to complete, his reaction on seeing the design was: “there's a lot of blue”. It took about four hours to finish but that was working together, one of us sorting pieces the other placing them on the board to complete. We are not accomplished at jigsaws, in fact, I would think it's years since we last did one. There was a lot of blue but with different shades, it didn't make it confusing unlike the patterns of the bunting being similar to the cake boxes.

Despite its challenges, it is an enjoyable puzzle as pieces easily fitted together, giving a real sense of achievement without any frustration during the task.

Review by Petrina M for TSS