Monday, 12 March 2018

A bear called Paddington - REVIEW

When I was younger, one of my favourite bears was Paddington Bear.  It has been lovely to see him recreated in modern day films. I still love marmalade sandwiches, one of Paddington’s favorites. I do not keep my sandwiches in my hat or pockets though!
Coming out today is the new DVD from the last Paddington film.  Ravensburger has also produced a fantastic Paddington jigsaw.
I always loved to read and watch Paddington, his antics, and adventures.   This jigsaw shows some of his journeys and visits to London, following his arrival here from Peru.

About the Jigsaw

The Paddington Jigsaw will suit children from age 4+.  It contains large pieces suitable for little fingers to pop together.  Paddington contains 60 pieces and once put together measure 69 x 49 centimeters. (27 x 19 1/4 inches).
Like all Ravensburger jigsaw, it is made handmade with cutting tools that ensure no two pieces are identical.  The jigsaw pieces fit together perfectly and are made from grained paper that ensures a glare-free design.  The pieces made from recycled paper are strong and will not break.
A super gift for any child.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Make it Medley this Mother's Day

It’s been so unbelievable cold here lately that staying indoors on a cold winter’s evening has been the best option.  I’ve spent my evenings getting to grips with the Make it Medley puzzle from Ravensburger, which is number 11 in the series of perplexing puzzles.
Make it Medley puzzle from Ravensburger
I don't know about you, but I much prefer jigsaw puzzles with lots of detail to those with massive blue skies.  The Make it Medley puzzle from Ravensburger immediately caught my eye as it is packed full of colour, details, and objects, to keep a keen puzzler like myself interested.
Make it Medley puzzle from Ravensburger
I can’t imagine how long it took Devon based photographer Greg Shepherd to create this flat lay image, filled with a myriad of crafting bits and bobs, but the finished image is wonderful.
Make it Medley puzzle from Ravensburger
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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Review: Ravensburger 3D Puzzle, Big Ben

Big Ben
PackThePJs love Ravensburger puzzles. When an opportunity came along to try out their 3D Big Ben puzzle, we jumped at the chance. What we didn’t realise until we opened the box is that one of the faces is a real clock! This particular puzzle has 216 pieces and is for the recommended age range 10 – 99 

What’s in the Box

Inside the box you’ll find:
  • Instructions
  • The clock
  • Square support frames
  • Bag with all the plastic puzzle pieces, and
  • a decorated base plate to stand the finished
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Thursday, 15 February 2018

There's a lot of blue

Ravensburger Kittens and Cupcakes 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle

I worked on this with my husband to complete, his reaction on seeing the design was: “there's a lot of blue”. It took about four hours to finish but that was working together, one of us sorting pieces the other placing them on the board to complete. We are not accomplished at jigsaws, in fact, I would think it's years since we last did one. There was a lot of blue but with different shades, it didn't make it confusing unlike the patterns of the bunting being similar to the cake boxes.

Despite its challenges, it is an enjoyable puzzle as pieces easily fitted together, giving a real sense of achievement without any frustration during the task.

Review by Petrina M for TSS

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Ravensburger Peppa Pig , My First Look And Find Floor Puzzle -16 Piece

We all absolutely adore puzzles in our family. All of us have our own favorites but the Jig Saw Puzzles always make fun for all no matter what age .

Usually our puzzles are concentrated for the older girls or my self and my husband as we tend to do them mostly and we have given a few different types such as 2D and 3D a try but we have not however yet tried a floor puzzle for our youngest son who is now 2 and learning .

As always we are happy to receive puzzles from Ravensburger and so when they asked us to give their Peppa Pig Floor Puzzle a try we could not resist, made a huge change from the recent one we had from their brand .

Peppa Pig Floor Puzzle is aimed at children 2+ and is based on the fun loving British Animated series and character of Peppa Pig .
If you have children yourself, younger family members or work in a small childrens environment , you will know this character well. I am sure all who you ask will know who this is .
All my children were fans , even my eldest who is now 13 years old , this is how old the programme is, and it has no signs in leaving us due to its fun and entertaining nature.

With 16 chunky pieces included in this puzzle , it not to hard , but also not to easy and for a 2 year old it holds challenges due to the amount of pieces offered but because of its fun theme , it keeps the children entertained and wanting to learn. 
The theme for this puzzle is Mr Fox's toy shop , and as we all know , children love toy shops .
All the characters of Peppa pig herself , her mam, brother and friends have taken a trip to the store and there is so much choice .
The stimulating picture captures excitement as the smaller children find all the different toys within the puzzle and there is also a few promps on the outside picture of the board which can be encouraged as a game of ''can you find?'' puzzle.

The puzzle itself is made with the best quality so you have no worry of your small child tearing this cardboard puzzle easily , they would really need to have some muscle behind them and slavver for hours to damage their  high quality pieces.
Over time my son has learned to place the pieces in the correct place and is now getting better at his hand /eye co ordination skills.
He is learning about shapes and structure and to us this is a lovely thing to see in his development.
The Floor Puzzle measures 49 x 36cm when complete so it is not over sized and is ideal to keep in eye view of a small child , I feel if it ws to big , they would miss half of the puzzle and be less stimulated by its theme , unless of course it had some sort of game that could be played withing the puzzle of its size . Maybe that could be a new idea for the Puzzle makers. 
Make your own Board game from puzzle pieces and after you put them together you could be the playing piece on a board game such as snakes and ladders or even frustration ?
Puzzles are endless and we never grow old of enjoying them .

Ravensburger Peppa Pig Floor Puzzle is available from Amazon for £11.36.

If you could be a puzzle , what theme would you choose to show your personality?

Friday, 10 November 2017

Paddington Bear 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle Review

On 13th October 1958, an unforgettable new character emerged.   He appeared in a book created by Michael Bond, who at the time did not realise what a success this new addition would have.
His name was Paddington.  He was a bear.   Wearing an old hat, carrying a battered suitcase (which has secret compartments so it carries more than it looks like it can hold), a duffle coat and a love of his favourite – marmalade, Paddington came from deepest, darkest Peru.  He moved in with the Brown family.
Paddington bear has since become a classic character in English Children’s Literature.
To coincide with the release of the second film based on this loveable character, Ravensburger have produced a jigsaw.
The puzzle depicts Paddington holding his marmalade sandwich and showing his love of London.  I was given the opportunity to review the same.
This jigsaw has 1000 pieces and is created with Ravensburger’s oustanding premium quality.
The puzzle is boxed  and the pieces are in a sealed bag inside.
Behind this premium puzzle, made in Germany, is Ravensburger’s Softclick Technology.  This is a unique manufacturing process, based on decades of experience, that allows the pieces to click together in a soft way.   Each jigsaw is made from specially formulated cardboard, developed especially for Ravensburger, which has museum graded embossed paper place on top, allowing a reduction in glare.  This maintains the colour brilliance of every image.
I love Paddington Bear and have grown up with his stories, as have my daughter and grandchildren.  My grandson and I enjoyed making this puzzle and it was great fun seeing Paddington appear as each piece was fitted.
This jigsaw retails at an R.R.P. of £12.99.
To see more jigsaws from Ravensburger check this link Ravensburger Puzzles
I thoroughly enjoyed this jigsaw.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Labyrinth review

We had a new game to play this weekend, one I have never heard of before but it was really fun, all our family enjoyed playing together.
The Labyrinth game is a fun strategy game where you have to slide the paths around to find your way around the maze and collect treasure. The first player to collect all their magical objects is the winner.
The whole idea of the game was really cool and not really like anything I have played before, it was a really fun game to play. I really liked all the characters that you could choose from. Although I did notice a mistake in the instructions because it says there are six characters to choose from when we found that there were only four. I really think you should make up some fun names for all the different characters because it would definitely make the game better. Everyone in our family really likes the game. It a great game to play at this time of year as a lot of the treasure is quite mystical and spooky so it makes you think of Halloween, and the characters are all witches and wizards.
To play the game, everyone chooses a character and you share out the treasure cards. The maze is laid out randomly at first and there is one spare path piece. Each player takes turns to insert the path piece into the maze to change the paths so they can get to the treasure that they each need.
At first we played the game following the proper rules, but it did take quite a long time to complete, so we made up our own rules and decided that instead of collecting the treasure one at a time, we spread all our cards out and you could collect them in any order and collect as many as possible in one turn, this made the game much faster and I thought more fun to play as you could try and create really long paths to collect loads of treasure in one go.
I really loved all the illustrations for the objects, they are all so imaginative and they all suit the game very well. I loved how you had the whole idea of a moving maze and that you had to find your way along it to get to the piece you need. The arrows on the board were also really helpful so you can tell which pieces you can move and which pieces are fixed to the board. I think that you should probably provide a variety of spare pieces with the game as well as you could loose some of the tiles.
I thought that the game was a bit like chess because it helps to plan your moves ahead and also try and work out what your opponent is going to do and try and block their path so you can collect your treasure first.
The game is rated for ages 7 upwards. I think that is about right, my sister is 7 and she enjoyed playing it, but younger children would probably find it hard to work out a good strategy and get bored if it took too long to finish the game.
My sister who is seven years old played with us too so I asked her what she thought of everything. This is what she said:

The layout of the game:

She thinks how its all laid out is interesting and she says that she too likes the illustrations.

The idea of the game:

She says it is a really fun game to play because she likes that you have to slide all the tiles.

The game in general:

She likes the pieces because they are all different magical characters.
Overall she said she would give it:
•The layout: 10 / 10
•The idea: 9 / 10
•Overall:   10 / 10
My score would be:
•The layout: 10 / 10
•the idea: 9 / 10
•overall: 9.5 / 10
I really like this game and I think we will be playing it a lot. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and anyone else who is looking for a new type of board game to try.
If you fancy playing this game the link to buy it is here: