Monday, 30 November 2015

The Good Dinosaur

One of the children is totally obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment. I’ve started to hunt out all the dinosaur related things that could be presents this year and fortunately there does seem to be quite a lot around. I’ve already shared some wonderful model dinosaurs on the blog and I am certainly going to be stocking up on those.
There are also some lovely dinosaur books that teach little ones the different types of dinosaurs, so I am trying to decide which one of those I like the best.
The very exciting news for all little dinosaur fans is that the new Disney Pixar film is ‘The Good Dinosaur’ will be released in the UK at the end of November – here is the trailer for a little tease – he is so cute!
With any great film comes heaps of merchandise of course and this film is no exception. There are things like this giant floor puzzle by Ravensburger which are great fun to do as a family or for older siblings to help younger children with. These are chunky pieces, which are ideal for little hands to hold and a perfect gift for a little dinosaur fan.
You can also get this puzzle for slightly older children, again the quality is superb but I’d recommend doing this one on a table or other hard surface and little ones can become frustrated if you try an put it together on carpet. I love the colours and images in these puzzles and now we can’t wait to see the film!
Ravensburger is synonymous with puzzles and jigsaws for me. The images are lovely and the puzzles stand the test of time…and little people!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Santa’s Final Preparations – Ravensburger Christmas Puzzle

Christmas is the perfect time to sit down as a family and complete a puzzle, so Santa’s Final Preparations is a great puzzle for celebrating the season. This limited editionRavensburger puzzle is available now for RRP £12.99 suited to ages 10+
Santa’s Final Preparations is the 19th Limited Edition Christmas Puzzle developed by our British marketing and design team, and illustrated by Devon-based artist Roy Trower.
This heart-warming design is only available for Christmas 2015, so catch it while you can! – Ravensburger team
santa's final preparations
I have never done a Christmas puzzle before so was excited to see if Santa’s Final Preparations would hold my attention. With the cute illustrations and traditional feel, I was captivated from the first piece, despite the box looking quite red in colour there wasn’t as much red in the puzzle itself. Having had a debate on twitter earlier in the week on the right place to start a puzzle, I had to start with the edges.
santas final preparations ravensburger
There is plenty of small detail in Santa’s final preparations, from the toys all neatly tagged to the sweet hidden cats and cheeky elves. I found that blue was the standout colour to start me off, followed by sorting the red. I found faces and writing next then it was down to a piece by piece analysis. I find this system works for me, interestingly from the twitter chat different people have different techniques. I found that the red piece were the final pieces that I placed in this puzzle. I love how Ravensburger take such care to make every piece unique and details you don’t at first notice now pop out of the picture.
santas final preparations puzzle
I have thoroughly enjoyed completing Santa’s final preparations with some help from the boy who loved the little woodland characters peeping in at the door. I think this puzzle has something for everyone, while still maintaining a traditional feel. Ravensburger puzzles make great gifts all year round, and Santa’s Final Preparation will be a great puzzle to while away the winter hours.
santas puzzle
For more fun Ravensburger puzzles have a look at their website. This puzzle will only be around this year so be quick.
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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Ravensburger Board Game Inspiration

You will be fed up of me talking about Christmas but there is no escaping its getting closer.  I have picked out a few board games I like that would make lovely presents if you were in need of inspiration.  Playing board games is a wonderful way to pass the time together as a family.  We have a whole shelving system dedicated to our bulging collection of games, but we keep seeing more that capture our attention and try and squeeze them in.

The boys were keen to see what the labyrinth board game from Ravensburger would be about.  The concept is great, a game that shifts during play.  You think your getting close; your eyes are literally on the treasure you need and then the path frustratingly changes completely before you get your hands on it!  Challenging yes but never dull as you race around before quickly getting home with your assigned treasures. 

It’s ideal for my two aged 6 and 8 but even children older than that will enjoy it as no two games are ever the same.  It is easily one of our favourites at the moment.  Now is a good time to buy your own copy as its only £10.94 on Amazon (reduced from the RRP £21.09) so no surprise it’s presently the #1 best seller in the board game category!  At that price you really cannot go wrong, I would even have been prepared to pay more, as it’s a very engaging game.  It’s quite strategic as you adjust your plans depending on how far the other players have shifted you from your chosen route, the return home can be especially difficult because then everyone obviously will want to put a stop to that and hang on to their own chance of victory.

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Monday, 9 November 2015

Ravensburger Big Ben at Night

I’ve always loved visited London since I was a child.  I’m fascinated by history and architecture so it’s somewhere I’ll never tire of exploring.  But it’s not often that I’ve seen London at night, it’s a city I normally explore during the day and I’ve only really hurried home after a show or concert in late evenings.  But the Ravensburger Big Ben at Night jigsaw puzzle has brought back memories of a trip to London on New Years Eve 2008.
Ravensburger Big Ben at Night
Daddy P and I had just got engaged and we’d driven down to London to see the fireworks.  We stood along from Big Ben with a great view over the Thames towards the London Eye.  My abiding memory of that night is colour – lots of colour and light, with Big Ben being the catalyst.
The Ravensburger Big Ben at Night is a great 3D puzzle with an added twist.  You will need 3 x AAA batteries to experience the light show feature. The battery back has two settings – if you just switch on, you get white light from 2 LED’s, but if you select the little black button, the central LED lights up in a coloured light sequence.  The effect of this becomes clear once you’ve built your structure.
This puzzle has 216 pieces and stands 44cms tall once completed.  3D puzzles have come on such a long way over the years and these really are easy to put together. The puzzle pieces are made of plastic, are all numbered and include hinged sections for corners.
Big Ben is a 3 part build, so I sorted the pieces into each section and could then quickly put the structure together.
The puzzle base has space for the battery pack and has a road scene that clips into place. There are 4 mounting clips that hold Big Ben in place, you then use plastic mounting squares to place the clock section in place, and there is a plastic topper to finish the Ravensburger Big Ben at Night off.
Ravensburger Big Ben at Night
I think it looks rather impressive as it is, but the magic begins when you turn the lights off, shut the curtains and turn the battery pack on.
My son was mesmerised by the display, and he’s already asked if we can put Big Ben in our window at Christmas.
Priced at £24.99, on Amazon it’s currently on special offer at £19.99.  A bargain for any puzzle fan.

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

London at Night puzzle review

London at Night is one of the Ravensburger 1,000 piece Panorama puzzles, available now for RRP £12.99 and suited to ages 14+, this is a different and challenging at night
London by night is the first panorama puzzle that I have tried, and others in the range include Star wars, and seascapes as well as city skylines like this one of London. I knew this puzzle was going to be tricky as it had lots of similar colours and I wasn’t disappointed as it certainly took me a little longer to complete.
london at night ravensburger
I started with edges as always, then found it tricky to decide where to go next. I found the various shades of purples and blues difficult to sort in artificial light, so waited till morning for a clearer view. The picture of London by night has great detail, and once I had found all the bright pinks and reds, found that Big ben was the next part of the puzzle to be completed. I felt I had a bit of a head start having completed the London Silhouette puzzle last month, I knew every detail of Big Ben’s tower. The Millennium wheel was also easy to sort, and then I found it was a case of every piece in every hole especially for the sky.
london at night puzzle
London but Night is a beautiful puzzle, and one I have enjoyed more than I though as I love the elongated shape. Somehow this made the puzzle feel like it had fewer pieces, but as it took me 7/8 hours to complete I know this was not the case. I think that London by night has to be one of the more tricky puzzles that I have completed, certainly up there with the minions puzzle. The finished picture is stunning, and something I was very proud to have completed.
london at night ravensburger puzzle
Have a look below for my affiliate link to London by Night, or for more details of the this and other puzzles in the panorama series visit the Ravensburger website.
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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Creativity goes 3D-tastic!

By Yasmin Giannini, aged 10 years 

Whooo-hoo! One minute we’re all watching, colouring and creating on a flat surface and everything is wonderful, then suddenly it’s all bursting up in front of our eyes and standing larger than life as 3D goes crazy. 2015 has seen the rise in greater numbers of 3D films so that we can reach out and touch the movie experience, whilst books and posters are jumping out at us as we turn every page. It’s fantastic! 

When I heard about the awesome 3D puzzles from Ravensburger and the new breed of 3D pens which allow you to draw in the air; life just went up a gear. I’ll be squeezing the 3D pen onto my Christmas list for sure, however it’s the 3D puzzles that really make me want to jump around because they’re so cool. 

Puzzles are able to be really great fun, especially when you love the final picture and you firmly still have the last piece. However what if you could create some amazing landmarks, pop them up into 3D and then illuminate them so that they light up a room for everyone to see? Well, now you can as Ravensburger launch their 3D Night Edition which takes puzzle making to a glowing dimension that everyone may love. 

I think it’s fair to say that these kits take the whole puzzle experience to another dimension. Using special technology with interlocking puzzle pieces, you can build your very own famous landmark and then proudly display it in a special place so that your enjoyment seldom ends when you pop the last piece of the puzzle into place. It’s a puzzle, ornament and light all wrapped into one. I thought this would be a little tricky to build, however it comes with uniquely curved, hinged and flat plastic pieces, which fit together perfectly. You barely need to jiggle around with sticky glue either and the plastic puzzle pieces are numbered on the back as a little helping hand. 

If you’re keen on ‘collecting’ things like I am, then this 3D puzzle range might become an exciting obsession because there’s so much in the range including a windmill, Leaning Tower of Pisa, a Medieval House and many more. But it’s the night edition collection that makes me super excited and they’re totally new for 2015. The Lighthouse with Lights Night Edition uses LED technology to create a rotating lighthouse effect, making it seem like a real lighthouse. Plus, London’s very own Big Ben ticks into action this autumn and I think this is the best in the range so far; it sparkles with colour change technology which creates an amazing light show. Or if you fancy a jaunt to gay Paris, you may prefer the impressive 18 inch model of the Eiffel Tower, with this you may choose from gentle illumination or a mind blowing colour change light show. 

Go 3D and flick on the magical light switch, it’ll send your imagination into a whirlwind of pop-up pleasure. Go on, you’ll love the world in 3D! To order your own 3D puzzle click here! 

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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Sweet Shop - 500 piece puzzle set

Just in time for Halloween!

We received the Sweet Shop puzzle from Ravensburger and had good fun piecing it together.

Bubble gum, Peppermint Sticks and Cotton Candy Crunchers are just 3 of the delicious delights awaiting you on the crowded shelves of this delectable Sweet Shop!

Amongst the nostalgic glass jars and ornamental tins you'll find elements inspired by vintage circus themes … including clowns, exotic animals, stunt riders and brightly painted carousel horses. This vibrant puzzle promises to keep you entertained as you sort, assemble and discover a range of colourful characters.

Available from Amazon priced £7.99