Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Ravensburger What if? no 16 The Wedding - Review

This Ravensburger’s Jigsaw is from the What if? collection and suitable for the upcoming months as it's called ‘The Wedding’.
The photo on the front depicts the Bride’s ideal day.
Everybody is getting on……. and

… the Groom is delivering his speech.  But what if? …….
This is an unusual jigsaw with the picture on the front depicting the dream day but the actual puzzle is the Groom’s idea of an Unforgettable Day.     There is no picture to show you the finished puzzle.     So you need to use your thinking caps to find out what sort of day was had.
The artist of this piece is Geoff Tristram, who has been a professional artist for over 35 years.  During this time he has created imagery for many prestigious companies and brands including Penguin books, Hodder and Stoughton, Royal Doulton, Trivial Pursuit, Reeves, Winsor and Newton and many many more.  Geoff has also designed album sleeves for UB40, postage stamps for Charles and Diana’s Royal Wedding, Miss World, the Winter Olympics and World Cup Football plus advertisements for Jeremy Clarkson and Jonathon Ross.  He has even appeared on BBc’s World Snooker Finals, interviewing top players whilst drawing caricatures of them.  Geoff is also a successful author, writing comedy novels, featuring his alter ego, David Day, and gives humorous illustrated talks to clubs and societies across the UK .
When you choose a Ravensburger Puzzle you will experience quality.    With over 100 years of tradition, their wealth of experience and unsurpassed attention to detail makes them the world’s most popular puzzle brand.
The premium quality jigsaw provides a unique experience resulting from 40 years of on-going development and an exclusive manufacturing process which uses their own specially engineered cardboard and linen-finish paper, to ensure sturdy, glare-free puzzle pieces with virtually no dust.
Ravensburger’s latest Soft-click Technology guarantees a 100% interlocking mechanism for the world’s most optimal fit of individually formed pieces. This results in a smooth puzzle.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Ravensburger VW T1 Campervan 3D Puzzle

So if you've read my blog for a few years you might remember that I was not much of a fan back then. I found them boring and well I have to admit now that I actually really enjoy them.
I have found peace with them and feel calmness as well as it being something the whole family can join in on together .

The past  year we've progressed from the smaller puzzles to the larger ones challenging our concentration and eye coordination skills and well now we're enjoying the wonderful 3D puzzles that are now appearing around my home one by one like ornaments .

Last month we were sent the 3D Volkswagen from Ravensburger and I knew instantly this would be a project for my husband who is mad about all vehicle related things .
On opening the box , we found that the base of the vehicle and the roof was already made of full sheeting and wheels with an added touch of  a surf board on top of the roof .
I'm finding the 3D puzzles are rather exciting .
I love that you can display them on a shelf or in a unit and this one even has an added bonus, it rolls . Yes the wheels actually work fully.

I have to say the excitement was a little over the top for a puzzle but it made it all the more fun and in less than an hour it was built and we were rolling it (rather carefully) across the sitting room floor , acting proudly of the display we had built .
You can see the joins, its not perfect but I like that you can see its been made and the imperfections of alignment give its personality just like any other vehicle has .
This puzzle was not a large one and like I have said previously only took less than an hour to build but it was a great break time activity that would have been great for taking with us on our own camping holiday later in the year with only 162 pieces.

The Volkswagen is only £19.00 to buy and there are so many other wonderful 3D options to choose from , keep an eye out on my next post sharing you the delights of the 3D Disney Castle which we are very excited about. 
Have you given the Ravensburger 3D Puzzles a try yet? 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


PJ Masks Glow In The Dark Jigsaw Puzzle
My children have always enjoyed puzzles showing their favourite characters. PJ Masks has been really popular with my 5 year old (although I don’t think anything will ever beat her love for Paw Patrol!). She was sent the new PJ Masks Glow In The Dark XL 60 Piece Puzzle to try at home. This puzzle is aimed at children aged 4 and up.

Who are PJ Masks?

Kids love superheroes, so what could be better than becoming a superhero? That’s exactly what happens at night for young friends Connor, Amaya and Greg. When they put on their pyjamas and activate their animal amulets, they turn into their alter egos – Catboy, Owlette and Gekko – before embarking on adventures filled with action. Along the way, they solve mysteries and learn valuable lessons too.

PJ Masks Glow In The Dark Jigsaw Puzzle

This glow in the dark puzzle shows your favourite characters from the hit series PJ Masks. Puzzle together Gekko, Owlette and Catboy, as well as the villains Romeo, Luna Girl, Night Ninja and the Ninjalino’s. When the lights are off, watch as the characters light up and glow in the dark.
PJ Masks Glow In The Dark Jigsaw Puzzle
This is a lovely puzzle for kids. My children loved putting it together and the extra extra large pieces are perfect for small hands. The cardboard is lovely and thick too which means it should last for a while (as long as we don’t lose any pieces!). The finished puzzle measures 49 x 36 cm.
PJ Masks Glow In The Dark Jigsaw Puzzle
The  PJ Masks Glow In The Dark Jigsaw Puzzle from Ravensburger has a RRP £7.99 and is available from Amazonand other toy shops.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

School Sports Day Review

Times have changed since I was a kid.  Sports Day is one of them  Back in my day (this phrase may be making me feel old), sports days wasn’t much different from any other day except instead of one hour of phys ed, we had a whole afternoon of it and we received a little inch of ribbon to put on a safety pin for each activity we participated in.  No parents, nothing out of the ordinary here.  But things have evolved and School Sports Day by Ravensburger finds the humour in it.

School Sports Day Can Be Puzzling fun at Castle View Academy homeschool

Ravensburger sent us a copy of Best of British No.17 – School Sports Day enjoy.  I know it may seem weird that we’re reviewing a puzzle about school sports day when we homeschool; but that doesn’t mean our children don’t have their own sports events they attend with others, or set up in our own back garden…..and us parents can remember ‘way back’ to our own school days.
Last year our local school’s sports day was postponed a few times due to rain, but this year it was right on schedule with unusually hot and dry weather for the first half of June.  Last week, however, the weather was bleary and rainy, and I was tired of feeling cooped up and working.  I needed a break, even if I didn’t think I should have one; I was feeling agitated.
I looked over… and I saw the School Sports Day puzzle sitting there looking lonely.  That’s no way for a puzzle to be; so I thought I would spend a few minutes separating the pieces and then continue with it another day with my family.

Sorting out Sports Day puzzle at Castle View Academy homeschool
It was just the break I needed from the day.  Phil was in the kitchen with the children baking cakes; Kallista wanted to make one from her own imagination, while Phil and Tristan stuck more closely to a recipe.  I put a few more pieces together…
…and I had to stop myself to take this picture because I had completed half of the puzzle without even getting up off the sofa!

Half way done the Sports Day at School at Castle View Academy homeschool

Now that I was up, it was time to make a cup of tea and stretch my feet.
I should have gone back to work – I am seriously behind in every area.  But once I started I just couldn’t stop!  And it’s good to take a break and spend time with others on the weekend instead of cooped up in a room by myself.  That gets so lonely and uninspiring.  And I like to be inspired; it’s so invigorating!
I began with the border (I’m so predictable), then filled in the sky and colourful bunting.  Next came the larger areas of purple plaid, reds, browns, speech bubbles and signs, and I continued on from there.  The trees were the final thing I had left to complete.
Just what I needed to give myself a little brain break…although…
Kallista, of course, took her cake out of the oven and showed up just in time to sit down and take the glory of the puzzle and put in the last three pieces.

Putting in the last puzzle piece for Sports Day at School at Castle View Academy homeschool

It figures.  But that’s okay, I love her, and she also enjoys puzzles.  I can share a puzzle if she can share some cake!
Once the puzzle is completed, you will be able to see the little details and read all of the signs and speech bubbles and have a giggle.  Geoff Tristram, the artist has a great sense of humour!

  • The spoon and egg race course had many raw and broken eggs along the ground.
  • The parents’ section (kept in check with an electrical fence) sported a wine bottle in a handbag.
  • An arrow missed its target and nearly impaled a someone’s head.
  • The Ardliworth-Gowen Primary School
  • Parents Cage Fighting
  • And so many more!
Ravensburger School Sports Day puzzlei is complete at Castle View Academy homeschool

This was a 500 piece puzzle, and although it’s half the number of pieces of a 1000 piece puzzle, it went together in about an eighth of the time.  So instead of the whole family working on it for a few days (or weeks), it went together in an afternoon while the rest of the family was baking!  Just a short break from reality, but easy to do and then tidy up instead of having it around for ages.  I enjoy big puzzles, too; but sometimes it’s just a small break I’m looking for.
And those cakes, in case you were wondering.  They were quite delicious and Kallista’s was the best!  Orange zest in the cake and raspberry jam between the layers with a dusting of icing sugar over the top.  I do hope she makes it again!
Best of British No.17 – School Sports Day 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle is available through fine retail stores and Amazon.co.uk.
The Ravensburger Puzzle Handy is also available from Amazon.co.uk and retail outlets.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Flower Fairies 500 Piece Jigsaw Review

Flower Fairies
We love puzzles in our house, the boys did 16 one morning the other week. I blame my mother in law because she also loves them and has bought most of the boys puzzles. Whenever I am asked would we like to review a jigsaw puzzle I always say yes so Flower Fairies was no exception. I sent it to the MIL to keep her busy and it looked super hard and complicated.
When reviewing our last Jigsaw the Mischievous Meerkats Marie completed it on a puzzle matt which I have since seen for myself and they are amazing. I would highly recommended one if you like doing puzzles with lots of pieces so you can store it away and come back to it when you are free. She used the matt whilst doing the Flower Fairies as you can see from the pictures.
Flower fairies is a 500 piece puzzle and is quite detailed. You have to really concentrate to match the pieces and get them in the right place. James tried to help out with this one and placed one piece which was wrong so that was the only one he tried. Marie is good at puzzles and has the patience to sit and work them out. She did the Flower Fairies over a few days as it was quite complex.
Flower Fairies
Marie like me does the outside of the puzzle first and then works on filling the inside. The Flower Fairies is quite hard because lots of the colours are the same so its hard to work out exactly were the pieces go. Certainly one you need the picture to refer to.
Flower Fairies
The flower fairies took a few days to complete because it needed a lot of concentration to work out the pieces. It’s a beautiful jigsaw when completed though and would make a great work of art for the wall if varnished and framed.
Flower Fairies
Like all other Ravensburger puzzles the quality is excellent and the puzzle is made from good quality card. The pieces are strong so don’t bend and rip easily which can happen with some puzzles.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017


We are massive Disney fans and C especially loves the Cars franchise. Ravensburger have recently brought out a Cars 3 Giant Floor Puzzle to coincide with the third installment being released in cinemas on July 14th. I actually won tickets to a early screening so we have already seen the movie and it is fantastic - just as good as the first two!

When we received the puzzle to try out, C was so excited because as much as he loves Lighning McQueen, he has taken a liking to Jackson Storm and so he was thrilled to see him included on the puzzle too. There are 60 pieces and C can sometimes feel a little thrown in at the deep end when the pieces are small, but because this is classed as a 'giant' floor puzzle, each piece is about the size of his hand and the finished picture is large too.

It is recommended for children aged 4+, C will be 5 in September and this is probably the first puzzle that he's needed minimal help from me with. I gave him prompts such as finding all the pieces with blue and yellow on or "can you find the rest of Lightning McQueen's eyes?" but all in all, he was able to do the majority of it himself and boy, was he proud of himself!

The familiar characters definitely helped and I think they made him enjoy it more. Even though he could see what the puzzle would look like on the box, he couldn't wait to complete it and see it for himself. The puzzle pieces are bright and colourful and it's perfect for any Disney Cars fans!

The Car 3 Giant Floor Puzzle retails at £9.99 and can be purchased from Amazon and all major retailers. You can find out more at the Ravensburger website and you can keep up to date on Twitter.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Flower Fairies 500 piece jigsaw puzzle review

best jigsaw puzzles

When I was a child, my Mum bought me a book about the world's best illustrators 
of children's books. I loved that book and spent hours looking at all the fascinating 
pictures and dreaming of reading all of those books one day.I was completely 
entranced by the images of Flower Fairies, and thought that surely nothing could 
be more beautiful than those delicate little sprites created by Cicely Mary Barker.

Her illustrations which first appeared in 1923, are world renowned, and have many 
fans among both children and adults. The flower drawings are botanically accurate 
and depict delightful fairy images. Each Flower Fairy has a lovely poem written in 
her honour.

I have recently revisited my childhood dreams, working on a new Flower Fairies 
500pc jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger.

best jigsaw puzzles

The puzzle presents a tapestry of several famous images from Flower Fairies 
collection, as well as a poem Spring Goes, Summer Comes.

This colourful and detailed puzzle is made from high quality cardboard and 
measures 36x49cm.

best jigsaw puzzles

Admire the graceful floral illustrations of lavender, pinks, sweet peas, buttercups, 
daffodils and more, as well as delicate butterflies and dainty fairies.
It is an enjoyable puzzle, which will make a lovely gift for any jigsaw puzzle fan.

best jigsaw puzzles

best jigsaw puzzles